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I checked one night my account to keep track of our money to make SURE we dont get overdrawn. My mother and I saw all transactions went through and i notics ONE negative transaction.

MY husband accidently used that card so of course the next day we were gonna put in money so we dont be overdrafted. Well I checked the account the next day and supposedly 2 transactions did not go through and they charged us the overdraft fee for two..

not the one that my husband had made but another two. Ill be changing banks soon better then IBC

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Box Elder, South Dakota, United States #8826

I totally agree with your comment!!! They are making millions out of this practice.

I have an IBC account which I used to use only to pay my IBC mortgage and I had no problems over the last year. Last month, I moved my direct deposit from another bank to IBC, and incredibly at the end of the first month I was overdrawn twice, then I deposited early the next morning enough cash to cover that overdraft, but they held the deposit one more day...long story short I have eight overdraft charges accumulated at the end of the month owing them $320.00 I went back to see if I was able to talk to someone at the bank and I was able to hear from them the most hilarious and incredible explanations I’ve ever heard. “The system does it like that” “The system takes the largest amount first” “It’s all automated now” etc. Also, when I opened this account almost 18 months ago, they incorrectly entered my home address and IBC kept charging me $5.00 each month for “return mail” even when I went every single month for a period of six months to tell them to correct my address.

Did they reimburse me all the charges made due an error they’ve made?

Of course not!!! Trashy IBC

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