One day I checked my bank account to find a balance of $-125.22. I knew that it could not be possible. I went online and found 4 overdrafts, but 3 I had money in the bank to cover. They even posted on different days. I go into the bank and asked why this happened and I was told that the last charge made was promised to the recipient. Problem was they took it out before the payment was due and was never told about them immediately taking the money out to put back. This is the third time something like this has happened. So I filled out a complaint form to the FDIC online. Then I began to look for an attorney. One day I check by bank account to find more money than expected, and find an $89 overdraft reverse. Strange I thought to myself. Later I go to the bank to draw out money,but the atm is mysteriously not working for me so I go in. A girl at the front desk says hi, and the lady I have dealt with the other two problems walks in gives me a strange look and says hi. Few minutes later she comes back out. She says, "Can I ask you a question."


"Did you make a complaint to the FDIC?"



"Well the fraud department contacted me, and decided to give all your money back. I just didn't understand why you did not contact me."

(Oh. I don't know maybe cause you didn't do anything the last two times.)

"just wanted to let you know that you can talk to me about anything."

Did I mention this was on the floor in front of all of the employees?


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Just ask then to explain item posting to you. It will all make sense.

Also, make sure you always use your pin number so it clears faster. And, just to be safe, use your check register and track your spending.

Hope this helps. ;-)


:cry - try balancing your checkbook and not spending money you don't have - I have worked in banking too long and know that it is not the bank's fault (admittedly there are a few errors which are readily refunded)

to Wah Hiram, Ohio, United States #618718

you cant have this many people upset and have it not be a bank that has problems

to me Naples, Florida, United States #618879

Bull. In this day and age of debit cards and online banking and the sheer ignorance of adults, you would not believe how many think just because the computer says there is money they spend it and can not understand why they have overdrafts. It is rarely the bank's fault.

And just because they gave the money back does not in any way make them wrong, phone call to the FDIC or not. ***, you can show your *** in Walmart, call the 800 number, and get a gift card. That does not mean you are right.

People need to be made to take responsibility for their spending. I wish banks would go back to the good old days of having people locked up for fraud like they did when people would pass bad checks. Overspending your debit card is the same thing. Only now they charge you the fee instead of having cuffs put on you.


I have banked at IBC for years and this same thing has been happening to me for a couple of years now but not at first. Jill the so called IBC teller who wrote in about it stating how they take money legitimately out of your account and you sign it but don't read what it says, I have a question, I signed your paper work years ago and have not signed any since and it changed all of a sudden to timing deposits and transactions to make you overdraft though it does not show up on the account information as ever being overdrawn most of the time.

They just time things to get the most fees. I have asked about it and they said they charge you just like you if you were writing it down in your check register. I asked why it doesn't ever show overdrawn but then charges you overdrafts? She said it doesn't show right in the statement but it really overdraws your account.

If I understand it right as they put it, it is time sensitive when withdrawing or making debits, but why don't this work the other way like when your account has funds and you debit the account the money is there but they wait a few days and wait to get the account low then run the biggest transaction made after the low ones and then overdraft all the small debits that should have already went through so the can smack you with multiple overdrafts for debits in the amounts of a few dollars and it throws you into a major overdraft reaping them big profits.

Tell me that(Jill from IBC) I need to talk to the FDIC too as I have paid hundreds of dollars in their money hungry hands over the past couple of years because I cannot keep a large balance in the bank, so they time things so that a few days after the fact they come back and slam you with these charges. Don't bank with IBC unless you keep a very large balance or have money to be thrown to them to make huge profits off people that it hurts the worst, people without big balances constantly in their account.


By the way, this happened to us too...NOrdraft, they send it back, then charge you 29.00. They do NOT pay for these checks and give anyone a free loan.

You seriously need to get a clue. I was overdrafted for 5 transactions that there was money enough to cover. I also opened another account to have o/d protection. They charged me an overdraft fee for the 20.00 they took out of my account, when the money was there, when I was in the branch in person.

So, how does that make me a loser who wants a hand out. Everyone needs to drop banks and go with credit unions.

I'm finding one in our area if I have to drive 30 miles to do so. Credit Unions are much better than the thieves at IBC!


I think you just want to make excuses for a corrupt system.


I work as a teller at IBC Bank. The computer posts, applies holds to checks, applies pendings, applies OD fees, everything.

It is not the employees. It is all done by computer. All of you blaming IBC should read (word for word) your depositors agreement you signed when you opened your account.

It outlines all policies and procedures regarding severything. I think most that complain, didn't read, they just signed on the dotted line.


It is she not he. Hey Al,I have overdraft protection, so what happened puts no fowl on me, but when my bank takes advantage of me, yeah its not going to be pretty.

If your bank did that to you, I am sure that you would not tolerate it. Banks are a lot of the reason that the economy is the jam it is. I am guessing that maybe you work for a bank and am trying to descredit what I wrote or maybe you are just a poor lost loser who does nothing but post comments that are meaningless to you just to get some popularity on this sight. Now I had three charges post on the 24th, money in the bank after the charges posted.

Three overdraft charges on the 25th. A charge on the 27th, and the one overdraft on the 27th. They took out the money for a reoccuring balance before it was due. They never told me about any policy that puts back money on these balances to promise to the company instead of taking it out on the day it is due.

Now, have I clarafied my-self enough to where you can see that you need to get a life. LOSER!!!


@AL *** he's saying that they charged him 4 times 3 of the time he had money thus meaning they charged him an overdraft for having money in his account


Your words - "I went online and found 4 overdrafts, but 3 I had money in the bank". That means that you had one for sure that you couldn't cover.

Why do you idiots think that the bank owes you when you still overdraft? Why do you expect a free loan from the bank? We didn't have messes like this when the banks just refused payment for bad checks.

But you "special" types out there think it's okay to bounce checks and have the bank float you a free loan. Get a grip loser.


If the bank made the error, then you deserved the fees back. However, MOST over drafts are consumer error, not bank error.

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