IBC Bank is a corrupt company that needs to be taken over by the Fed! They open multiple accounts for you without your permission and when you catch them and go to corporate they account immediately disappears like nothing ever happened. The employees are breaking the law, using my social security number to open bank accounts that I never authorized.

I would suggest that if you hold and IBC account to close it and move it to another bank. I have caught them several times bending the rules and have already reported them to the Texas Department of Banking.

I hope you don't make the mistake I did opening a Free Checking account. God only knows who has my personal information now...

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Brownsville, Texas, United States #1235454

yes I had a bad experience wiyth ibc

and was redy to send a letter to the fdic 6yrs ago

maby now ill send that letter


:sigh :p


Keep living and you will see :? :?


It is quite easily actually, they just copy your info, and open a new account with it.They don't have to worry about you learning about it until 30 days later.

It might seem like it is hard to do, but it is really very easy.Just takes a few clicks.


Serious it very true cousin and sister in law works there and they do it all the time ... They 1st look at you account history if you do use your account they will just add more and more to get the credit IBC is to sales drivin the sales there know work so hard for nothing and break the law as they're doing I worked there for like 2 mths and it would happen like nothing was wrong because they weren't hurting the customer but then again not helping themselves because they need money in it. I watched my manager make up account put money in the account and taking back out just to keep her job


You learn about it because you get your statement with the added account(s) or you see them linked to your account when you login to online banking.


They can't open accounts without your permission. If they did then how did you learn about these accounts you didn't authorize? Not making much sense to me.

to brandon d. Houston, Texas, United States #643689

I used to work for IBC and they do it all the time.IBC requires all of their employees to get a ridiculous amount of accounts every month and a lot of them struggle.

This is how a lot of their employees survive. They just take the information from your other account to make another one. You'll eventually find out about it if you ask about your account or get a statement. A lot oof them actually get their family to open accounts, close them a month later, and then open another next month so they can meet the requirements.

Sadly, this is all IBC really cares about.At least when I worked there about a year ago.

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