A horrible experience. Unclear and downright deceitful when it comes to explaining how their accounts work.

It all started with an impersonal email explaining I had over drafted, which was odd, since upon opening my bank account I specified not wanting overdraft protection.

I call the main office, they say, "there is nothing I can do, i'll have a supervisor call you"

A WEEK goes by, no call. I Call them back, "Hey, I've been waiting for a week."

the say, "we have no record of your call"

I tell them my problem, "I'm sorry sir, there is nothing I can do, I'll have a supervisor call you."

A week and a half pass, and I go into the branch. I speak to a nice woman named Michelle, and she say, "I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do, I'll talk to my supervisor tomorrow"

Two days pass and I get a call from a collection agency. So I call Michelle.

15 days pass and Michelle calls me to tell me there is nothing that they can do. And she is right.

There is nothing a deceptive organization can do for me. Take your business elsewhere, unless you like be tethered around like an unwanted dog.

Review about: Ibc Bank Account.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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