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  • From mobile
  • 3 hours ago
  • #929004

These *** *** up my transactions CONSTANTLY and tell me i have to wait till monday while its friday and i just "deposited" 400 dollars.

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Your customer service on the commercial line is really bad, I noticed that they take more than 30 minutes to get to our banking, sometimes is up to 40 minutes, I went inside and what they do is they are going to work on the simple ones and they will leave the Commercials for later, and that is totally incorrect, we have a lot of work to be on the line waiting, they never have enough employees and if they are, they are just talking ignoring their... Read more

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I have no idea how Ibc stays in business. The wait time is ridiculous!!!!! No matter what location. They don't have enough employees. Are they going out of business? Or just to cheap to make any effort for the customers???? Chase I come!!!! Read more

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I have banked with IBC for several years now and overall I have had a positive experience until now. There have been times I disagreed with their policies but I have been patient and understanding because I can relate to their position uniquely. However, in recent months I have began to notice methods of disputable ethics. I use my account with IBC as an operations expense account and only put money in I will be using and deposit more as I need... Read more

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They closed early and i needed the money. Im really mad right now Read more

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I have been a customer of IBC for many years now & have had plenty of problems with them but usually try giving them the benefit of the doubt. Right now I just walked out of there with less then what I asked for & being it is a cash advance the teller told me I can not make a seperate transaction. It was a miscommunication from both our parts but I do not see the reason why she can not just make another transaction & take the rest of the money... Read more

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I have a client that is paying on a judgment against him. He banks with IBC Bank and purchased a Money order for one of the installment payments towards payoff of the judgment. The recipient of the Money Order payment went to an IBC Bank to cash it and was told he could not cash it unless he had an account with them. He was told to go to a Money Gram location and they would cash it, as IBC Banks Money Orders are essentially a Money Gram. The... Read more

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IBC did a forced debit of $246.00 dollars on 3/7/16 without contacting me. I disputed it on 3/9/16 it was credited back but, withdrawn again in 4/18/16. IBC claims the forms mailed to me were not returned on time. I disputed it again and had my address changed, which the bank clerk failed to do so as I found out on 5/18/16 when I went in to check the status. now it's the 3rd time I have disputed it by phone to the dispute dept which happens to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 03
  • #840945

This bank has horrible handling of policy. If you have posted, that paychecks that go in prior to 3pm will post the next business day, it should post during business hours. Not at night the following day. If that is the case then it should be posted. This is a horrible institution and should be closed.

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I moved my money out of IBC because banking with them became very inconvenient for me. In the process of switching accounts, some autopay tried to go through and overdrafted my account. When I set up my account, it supposed to not be able to overdraft, so I can avoid the excessive free they have, nonetheless, my account was overdrafted and I was charged 105 dlls. The bank employees were extremely unhelpful and told me they could not remove the... Read more

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